Do's and Don'ts When Travelling To China

When you're visiting any country around the world, there are things that are acceptable to them and things that aren't. This would depend on the tradition and culture that they follow. And as a traveller, you have to respect that.

If you plan on travelling to China, there are also several things that you can do and cannot do. We have list down the most important ones in this article. Here they are:

- It is not good to use a toothpick without covering your mouth especially when you're in public.

- Never use your spoon, fork or chopsticks to get shared dishes. There is a serving spoon that you can use instead.

- Leaving your chopsticks sticking up your bowl after you eat should be avoided. They believe that doing this in a restaurant can cause bad luck to the owner. Doing this at home can also mean like you're wishing death upon the people at the table.

- It is impolite to tap your chopsticks on your bowl.

- Touching someone is not advisable. The Chinese people aren't comfortable being touched by people they don't know. This may be okay in the Western culture but for the Chinese, this isn't.

- Make sure that you remove your shoes when you enter someone's home - unless the homeowner tells you that it's okay to keep your shoes.

- Do not call people by their first name. Refer to them as Mr, Mrs, or Miss and their last name.

- When greeting an elderly person, greet them through a handshake. But, make sure that the handshake is just gentle.

- Acknowledge the elders first when you're in a group.

- Learn Chinese before you visit the country. It would help you go from one place to another with less hassle.

Those are some of the things that you can do and cannot do in China. If you want your trip to be hassle free, consult The China Travel Company. They provide various China tours and can tailor tours based on your preferences. Check out their clients’ feedback to get an idea on the quality of their service.


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